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Aptec, Belgium, is one of the leading manufactures of Immunoturbidimetry kits. All kits are liquid stable, ready to use reagents with long shelf-life, excellent sensitivity and very good linearity. Application sheet to perform test on various analyzers are available on request.

Awareness Technology Inc. USA A company that is driven by a passion for innovation in design and cost effectiveness in manufacture. The Stat Fax series of desktop analyzers are rated as the best in their category. ChemWell, the dual system is the first of its kind and has won for them the US award for excellence in design. CPC has been marketing their products since 1990.

Thermo Scientific B.R.A.H.M.S, Germany BRAHMS started as the manufacturer of RIA kits and has now branched into specialty products. The current focus is on markers for early identification of Sepsis [PROCALCITONIN] and first trimester screening for Down’s Syndrome. The KRYPTOR immunoassay system is another unique product for cancer markers and many esoteric tests. BRAHMS became a part of Thermo Fisher Scientific in Sept, 2009.

Behnk Elektronik, Germany Behnk Elektronik was Founded in 1980 by Mr. Holger Behnk. The company is specialized in development and production of coagulation instruments with rich experience of over 30 years. More than 20,000 semi-automated and 3,000 fully automated coagulation analyzers have been manufactured & sold by Behnk Elektronik worldwide. Those equipments have earned an international reputation for ruggedness and quality.

Buhlmann Buhlmann is known for the outstanding quality of its products for more than 30 years. They are focusing on five selected areas of in-vitro diagnostics: Cellular Allergy, NeuroImmunology, Inflammation, Chronobiology and Clinical Chemistry.

Cliniqa Corporation, USA Started by a biochemist entrepreneur Dr. Buccolo, this is now owned by the Cliniqa group. An excellent range of reagents in the Clinical chemistry line, their Enzyme assay kits are considered the best in the industry. CPC has been marketing Cliniqa since 1992.

EUROIMMUNEUROIMMUN AG, Germany Started by Dr.Winfried Stocker as a testing laboratory, it has now grown into a multinational with its products sold all over the world. The extraordinary and revolutionary biochip concept for Immunofluorescence testing has made EUROIMMUN the market leader in this segment. With innovative products manufactured with extraordinary attention to quality, EUROIMMUN is emerging as a leader for test systems in Immunofluorescence, ELISA and Lineblot assays.

 Medirox, Sweden is one of the prominent manufacturers of coagulation reagents and quality control since 1998. The company is having long tradition of scientific research on coagulation, offers products of high quality with CE mark.
Medirox is ISO 9000 and ISO 13485 certified manufacturers.

MUT m-u-t’s strength is rapidly turning new ideas into marketable products. Besides producing custom solutions for many industries, m-u-t products can be found in several high tech markets such as spectroscopy, laboratory automation, early fire detection, and aviation safety.

Soy Green Tec, Korea Soya Green Tec Co. Korea – was established in 1999, and they are one of the leading manufacturers of high quality vacuum blood collection tubes and needles with advanced technology. The Company has US FDA registration for sterilization facility and ISO 9011:2000, EN ISO 13485:2003, EN ISO 11137:1995 certified.

Tokyo Boeki Tokyo Boeki Group was founded in 1947 by Mr Yasuo Matsumiya. In 1999, Medical Instrument Division started manufacturing automated analyzers for diagnostic applications and now having more than 5000 installations all over the world.