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CPC Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd. is a dedicated provider of products and services to the Clinical Laboratory industry in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. The experience and expertise that we have gained since we began in 1987 have made us a respected and trusted organization.

We derive our strength through enduring relationships with customers, based on our commitment to deliver valuable products and timely end-user support.

CPC’s logo represents the five elements that combine to provide life. It is an expression of our desire to grow our business on sustainable values, contributing to the well being of our customers, suppliers, distributor partners and employees.

The success of CPC Diagnostics owes a lot to its dynamic team of management, staff and advisers who together have worked to provide their customers with outstanding support be it Products, Post-Sales Service or Guidance.

CPC has entered into a technical collaboration with AL SYSTEME, Germany, to manufacture Haematology analysers in India through its manufacturing arm CPC Medical Systemz.

Jeev Diagnostics has a Joint Venture with Awareness Technology Inc USA for manufacturing of Reagents and designing & developing mid throughput Automated Chemistry Systems.



Living in a world of opportunities we are spoilt for choice. Business expansion through increase in product and service portfolio, investment in new geographies, backward integration into manufacture and diversification in the diagnostics or healthcare space.

It is not often that one can do many of the above and CPC is fortunately in a position to leverage its strengths to explore many of these options. In the last three years we have invested in increasing our field presence to larger parts of India, stabilised our manufacturing operations and last year also commenced exports.

CPC will invest in all these areas with significant emphasis on manufacture of instruments and reagents in India. We will also continue to maintain our strength to source from abroad, newer technologies and assays suitable to the increasing and changing needs of our country.

Above all CPC will continue to be grounded in its core values, generating trust amongst its own members,associates, customers and principals.


Launch of Menarini Biochemistry reagents in South India.

Introduction of Stat Fax Semi Auto Analyser in South India and quickly establishing an eminent position in the segment.



Co-marketing of ACS-180 Automated Chemiluminescence in 1992 in South India.

Appointment as Distributor for Chiron Diagnostics in 1997 and for Olympus.

1997 – 1998


Launch of Euroimmun products for Autoimmune and Infectious diseases.

Introduction of early sepsis marker Procalcitonin (of BRAHMS, Germany) in India.



Establishing all India network for Immuodiagnostics products.

Launch of Luminex multiplex testing for HLA cross matching.



Establishing market leadership for high throughput chemistry systems in South India.

Setting up Medical Systemz for instrument manufacture – # Launch of India’s first indigenously developed 3 part Haematology analyser # Introduction of India’s first Automated Tube Labeller.



Exclusive training centre – Sachika for customer training on new technologies.

Development and establishment of i-track – Remote Diagnostic Support.



Establishing JEEV diagnostics a JV with Awareness Technology for manufacture of High Performance Chemistry reagents in India.

Appointment as All India distributor for Awareness Tech In 2012 and expansion of field sales and service teams to cover the larger geography.



Commencement of Exports.