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CPC Diagnostics

For over two and a half decades, CPC has been at the forefront in offering clinical diagnostic solutions that have expanded the boundaries of what is better and what is possible.Whether it is bringing the most reliable diagnosis for patients or optimizing laboratory productivity to handle increased test volumes or offering domain knowledge on the latest assays to clinicians, in CPC, one finds a partner who can provide insight, expertise and support to propel businesses forward.

CPC offers a broad portfolio of instruments in Clinical Chemistry, Haematology, and Immunodiagnostics Molecular Diagnostics along with Reagents, backed by a multidisciplinary team of experts known inthe industry for their innovative drive. CPC goes beyond marketing or selling ‘best of breed technology’. CPC supports clients in every which way possible to make it work. In CPC, one will discover what thousands of entrepreneurs have already discovered- a company that adds more value than the instruments or systems it sells. This is made possible because of certain innovative approaches the company has adopted.


Sachika is a first-of-its-kind initiative by CPC in the medical diagnostics industry to bridge the ‘skill-divide’ for trained manpower. It is an initiative that is meant to empower clinicians through knowledge management. With rigorous testing and post-training certification, it provides clinicians an opportunity to learn and upgrade their skills in modern techniques of the biosciences.

Programmes covered at Sachika include Hematology, Clinical Biochemistry, Immunodiagnostics, Bio Medical Instrumentation and quality management.

Sachika also conducts first of its kind, exclusive programs on Entry Level Automation in Clinical Chemistry, Autoimmune diagnostics based on Immunofluorescence, Pattern Identification, Recombinant Immunoblot and ELISA techniques.

Jeev Diagnostics

Jeev Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd, a joint venture between Awareness Technology Inc., Palm City, Florida, USA and CPC Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd., Chennai, India manufactures high quality State of Art InVitro Clinical Chemistry Reagents to cater to Clinical Laboratories, Hospitals and Diagnostic Centres.

The Clinical Chemistry range of World Class IVD Reagents manufactured by JEEV Diagnostics includes Regular packs for Semi-automated instruments , as also System Packs for Fully Automated Instruments such as Turbochem 100 , ChemWell and Biolis 50i Superior.

Stringent Quality Control, and Production Norms are the hall mark of JEEV Diagnostics.

JEEV Diagnostics is also in active collaboration with Awareness Technology Inc. in designing & developing mid-through put Automated Chemistry systems required for the market.

CPC Medical Systemz

CPC’s move to bestride the two worlds of instruments and reagents, and its commitment to backward integration, will be a catalyst to conferring higher levels of empowerment, reliability and innovation in the field of indigenous manufacturing.

CPC Medical Systemz – Manufacturing arm of diagnostic instruments.

  • 100% indigenous
  • CE and ISO certified
  • CPC – First to roll out indigenously designed and manufactured Hematology Analyzer Xcyte.
  • Popular Models of CPC include
    1. Xcyte Plus – Hematology Analyzer
    2. PlexMat 4/ 8/16 – Automated Line Immuno Assay processor
    3. ATL 60 – Automated Tube Labeler
    4. i-heme +