Fully Automatic 3-Part SortPro Sample Sorter

 Pre- Analytical Automation  


SortPro Tube Sorter

The SortPro Tube Sorter automatically detects a variety of unusual materials, saving you both time and money. With thorough analytic software, you can examine, search, and identify your samples faster. Deliver samples for analysis as soon as possible with the quickest and most accurate sorter on the market.


Eliminate the need for your staff to distribute and sort samples!

The ASP SortPro Tube Sorter sorts up to 3,600 tubes per hour while recognising all distinguishing characteristics that lab personnel typically employ to recognise sample tubes and designate them for further processing. That they are actively employed as sorting criteria is most crucial.

For aspiration blood sampling devices (like Sarstedt), this can include the type of tube, the manufacturer, the state of the centrifugation, or the complete removal of the plunger. Much more than just barcodes and cap colours are recognised by SortPro.