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What is a 3-part differential hematology analyzer

3-part differential hematology analyzer  which analyzes the complete blood count technology wise. 

Principle of Measurement – 

1 . Impedance Principle for RBC/PLT/WBC Differential 

2. Colorimetry method  for HGB.

dnynacount 3d - Haematology Analyzer

What is Impedance principle

When  blood cells enter the narrow aperture of electrodes which generates the Signal every  time  when  cell passes through, signals are nothing, but the electrodes generate a resistance within the aperture when the cell pass through it which causes an Impedance and these impedances are transferred as a signal and  count to measure the volume of cells.          

Since the WBC lysing agent lyses the Cell membrane of the WBC but not the nucleus, the Monocytes, get into the Mid-cells  along with the Basophil & the Eosinophil.

The Neutrophils, being polymorphous, have multiple nuclei and show up at the largest size in the Histogram.



It is a photometric technique which states that  coloured compounds can absorb a certain wavelength of light when monochromatic light is passed through them. The working of a colorimeter is based on the concept of Beer-Lambert’s law. 

 It’s nothing but The amount of light absorbed is directly proportional to the concentration  of the solution.


Output results in 3-Part Hematology Analyzer parameters are:

WBC – Total WBC count , Lymph%/#, Mid %/#, Gran%/#, NLR


PLT – Total Platelet count, MPV, PCT, PDW-CV, PDW-SD, P-LCR, P-LCC, PLR

Supporting Consumables to run the System:

 Two reagents + 1 cleaner play important role to run the 3-Part Analyzer, they are ,


Diluent – To dilute blood samples, to keep the blood cell in original volume also provides appropriate conductivity to the cells.

Lyse – Lysing Reagents are used to rupture the RBC to measure Hemoglobin, prepare WBC from whole blood to measure the differentials

Probe Cleaner – To clean the instrument’s probe or tubes. It can also be used for daily maintenance.

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