ATL 60 has won the award

ATL 60 has won the Times of India's Medicall Innovation Award 2014.


CPC participated in MEDICA and Arab Health 2015.

CPC participated in MEDICA and Arab Health 2015.


Release of system packs by JEEV Diagnostics

JEEV Diagnostics has released i-chem System Pack for Fully Automated instrument – TurboChem 100 along with i-lis System Pack for High Throughput Fully Automated Chemistry Analyser - Biolis 50i Superior .


Installation of Kryptor compact PLUS

Kryptor Compact PLUS installed at Anand Diagnostics,  Bangalore.  


Installation of Euroarray at Microbiological Laboratory

First Euroarray installed at Microbiological Laboratory,  Coimbatore.


Jeev Diagnostics

CPC has entered into a Joint Venture with Awareness Technology Inc USA to form Jeev Diagnostics for manufacturing of Reagents and designing & developing mid throughput Automated Chemistry systems more>>