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Customer support

CPC has built its reputation in the industry through commitment to customer support. Be it timely delivery of consumables, prompt attention to service requests or dedicated training to users, CPC is always trusted to deliver value.

CPC believes that trust is established and sustained only through consistency in customer support activities. It is our endeavor to maintain high standards and continue to earn appreciation through such consistency as well as innovation in our practices.

In yet another pioneering venture, CPC created i-track, a homegrown innovation for remote interactive maintenance of instruments offering relentless customer support 24/7. Using simple cost-effective technology, i-track connects with users across India and Sri Lanka offering online solutions to a host of customer needs in real time fault detection and monitoring. This allows the customers to reduce breakdown time and thereby cut down revenue loss making their product most effective. It not only offers enhanced uptime but also has excellent MTBF. This innovation provides the customers the CPC edge of expertise shattering the barriers of time and space. i-track has won the Medicall Innovation award in 2015.