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Electrolyte Analyzer

 Electrolyte Analyzer


EX-D Electrolyte Analyzer


CPC Diagnostics offers Electrolyte analysers Manufactured by JOKOH, Japan who are the market leaders of Japan, having more than 20 years of experience in making Electrolyte analysers with excellent quality Electrodes. More than 400 satisfied customers in India

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Electrolytes have a variety of tasks in the maintenance of our bodies, including a healthy body pH, controlling the activity of the heart and other muscles, and taking part in enzymatic processes.

Congestive heart failure, diabetes insipidus, and kidney disorders can all be caused by electrolytic imbalances. These factors make electrolytic analysis a crucial component of patient diagnosis and care.

Electrolytes in serum, plasma, and urine are measured by electrolyte analyzers. Reagents, an electrode module, a peristaltic pump, and a sample probe make up the majority of an electrolyte analyzer’s parts. Automated systems have a wide range of test options, a high throughput, and STAT testing.

Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) and Flame Emission Photometry (FEP) are the two most popular analytical techniques. Na+, K+, and Li+ can all be measured using flame photometry. While ISE methods offer direct measurements, it offers an indirect measurement. The majority of analyzers measure electrolyte using ISE technology.    

Uses of Electrolyte Analyzer:

Electrolyte analyzer are primarily used to measure sodium, potassium, and chloride in whole blood, serum, or plasma.