CPC offers an entire spectrum of Clinical chemistry instruments which will meet the requirements of all laboratories very large to the small.  CPC have over 3000+ installations in South India.

  • High throughput chemistry analyser – Biolis 50i Superior (Tokyo Boeki Japan)
  • Medium throughput chemistry analyser – Chemwell and TurboChem 100 (Awareness Technology Inc. USA)
  • Semi auto analyzers – Stat Fax 3000 plus & Stat Fax 3300
  • ELISA readers and washers – Stat Fax series

Across the systems marketed by CPC, you will find the following features common to all of them.

  • Totally open system
  • Precise, accurate and durable optics
  • Ultra micro volumes for analysis
  • Versatile to meet the laboratory’s changing needs and future requirements

As an early entrant in this segment, we have set an example for excellent after-sales service and application support.