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We offer a comprehensive range of haematology instruments which includes a state-of-the-art 3 part Differential Haematology Analyzer and Coagulation Analyzers.

Xcyte, a fully automated haematology analyzer manufactured in India by CPC Medical System under technical collaboration with AL-SYSTEME, Germany, stands tall in the crowd with its unique features.

Our haematology portfolio also includes a complete range of haematology reagents.

  • Haematology Instruments
  • Haematology Reagents
  • Haematology Instruments
  • Haematology Reagents

We mainly offer automated systems for three areas of Haematology:

Haematology Analyzer:

  • Xcyte Plus is a new generation fully automated 3-part differential haematology analyzer.

Haemoglobin Analyzer

  • i-heme+ – Instant Hemoglobin Analyzer
  • Haematology Analyzer
  • Haemoglobin Analyzer

  • Xcyte Plus

    3 Part Haematology analyser

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  • Haematology Analyzer – Pentacyte

    5 Part Haematology analyser

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  • Pentacyte


    Five diff hematology

    60 Tests/Hour…

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Haematology Reagents and Consumables

Reagents for Xcyte Plus

  • Xcyte is supported by a complete range of reagents (Diluent-XP, Lyse-XP and Clean-XP) which are marketed by CPC Diagnostics Pvt.Ltd.