We offer a comprehensive range of Haematology instruments which includes a state-of-the-art 3 parts Differential Haematology Analyser and Coagulation Analyzers.

Xcyte, a fully automated Haematology Analyser manufactured in India by CPC Medical Systemz under technical collaboration with AL SYSTEME, Germany, stands tall in the crowd with its unique features.

Our haematology portfolio also includes a complete range of Haematology reagents.


We have introduced a comprehensive solution for Coagulation instruments & Reagents.

Fully Automated range of Coagulation Analyzers – Thrombolyzer series from World leaders of hemostasis Behnk Elektronik GmbH & Co., Germany.

Semi Automated Coagulation Analyzers – Thrombostat 1 & 2 from Behnk Elektronik GmbH &Co., Germany.

Complete Range of Coagulation reagents.