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 Fully automated Random Access Immuno Analyzer


  • The KRYPTOR compact PLUS is a fully automated Random Access Immuno Analyzer.
  • Able to process a multitude of samples and tests per day.
  • Closed system.
  • It is based on the Noble prize winning TRACE (Time Resolved Amplified Cryptate Emission) technology.
  • Throughput is up to 60 tests per hour.
  • Homogeneous assay.
  • Precise measurement.
  • Eco friendly as there are less liquid wastes.
  • Intelligent dilution i.e., out-of-range samples are detected within 5 minutes and immediately diluted.
  • Quick turnaround time.
  • Low sample volume- 10 µl to 70 µl (test specific)

The parameters that can be analyzed in KRYPTOR compact are:-

  • Procalcitonin
  • PNS markers
  • Pre-eclampsia markers
  • Chromogranin-A (CgA II)
  • Copeptin proAVP