DNA Microarray Test Systems for Molecular Genetic Diagnostics (IVD).

The EUROArray System:

DNA microarrays consist of DNA molecules (probes) which are applied to a solid carrier material, such as glass, as microscopically small spots located at defined positions. The probes differ from one another by their DNA sequence – the order of their building blocks (nucleotides with the bases adenine, A; cytosine, C; guanine, G; thymine, T). When the DNA of a patient contains segments that match the microarray probes, the complementary DNA regions bind together – they hybridize. This binding is measured via a computer-generated reading and evaluated as a positive signal.

Array platform based on proven BIOCHIP Technology

  • Ready-to-use PCR components
  • Simple procedure
  • Standardised incubation using established TITERPLANE Technique
  • Integrated control reactions secure sensitivity and specificity for every test sample
  • Fully automated standardised evaluation, interpretation and archiving of results (EUROArrayScan software)
  • No DNA isolation with EUROArray Direct: the analysis is performed directly from pretreated blood
  • Complete process from receipt of samples to issuing of results is IVD validated and CE registered (DNA extraction, test kits, microarray scanner, software)
  • Pre-prepared LIMS connection
EUROArray test systems Indication Features
HLA-B27 Direct
Highest sensitivity: detects all known HLA-B*27 alleles;

Improved specificity: differentiates non-disease-
associated HLA-B*27 alleles

HLA-DQ2/DQ8 Celiac Disease Detects all alleles relevant for HLA-DQ2/DQ8
HLA-Cw6 Psoriasis Detects all worldwide relevant HLA-C* 06 alleles
Hemochromatosis (4
SNP) Direct

Hemochromatosis (2 SNP) Direct

Haemochromatosis Detects H63D, C282Y, S65C and E168X

Detects H63D and C282Y

FV/FII Direct, FV
Direct, FII Direct
Thrombosis,thrombophilia Detects point mutations in the factor V gene (factor
V Leiden, 1691 G>A) and/or in the factor II
(prothrombin) gene (20210 G>A)
EuroArray HPV HPV Detects and differentiates all 30 relevant HPV
subtypes in one step (Low Risk & High Risk)
EuroArray HLA-
Detects HLA-B57:01 allele