Allergy Profiles

Key Facts
  • Fully automated incubation and evaluation (EUROLINE Scan), adaptable to individual laboratory needs.
  • Smallest sample volume (only 100 μl), ideally suited for paediatrics.
  • Fast test performance – approx. 2.5 hours with only 400 μl sample.
  • Detection of specific IgE antibodies against cross-reactive carbohydrate determinants (CCD) on all profiles.
  • Ready to use reagents.
  • Classification of results in RAST/EAST system.
  • Comprehensive internal quality control of the allergen extracts used.
  • Excellent correlation with the ImmunoCAP system.
About the product

Many allergens are glycoproteins i.e., they contain one or several complex oligosaccharide chains linked to the peptide structure of the protein. Since glycoepitopes can share significant structural homologies beyond the limits of protein families, they are prone to cause extensive antibody cross-reactivity. A number of these epitopes have thus been designated Cross-reactive Carbohydrate Determinants or CCDs.

A CCD test could be useful when in-vitro results do not match the clinical picture (e.g. symptoms, skin tests, etc.), especially when numerous positive results to natural extract allergens are found without obvious clinical symptoms to all of them.

  • Clinical symptoms disagreeing with the specific IgE result obtained (e.g. in positive serological results for peanuts).
  • In many positive specific IgE results for plant foods.
  • Sensitization of persons suffering from pollen allergies to CCD-rich latex without work-related exposition.
  • Detection of specific IgE antibodies against honey bee or wasp venom without clinical symptoms.
EUROLINE Scan Software:
  • Simple evaluation
  • Automated Semi quantitative result
  • Easy documentation