CPC offers an entire spectrum of clinical chemistry instruments which will meet the requirements of all laboratories, very large to small. CPC has over 6000+ installations in South India.
As an early entrant in this segment, CPC has set an example for excellent after-sales service and application support. These instruments are ably supported by a wide spectrum of substrate, enzyme, minerals and special protein assays.

  • High throughput chemistry analyser - TurboChem 240, Biolis50i.
  • Medium throughput chemistry analyser - TurboChem 100,Turbochem Neo and TurboChem Prime.
  • Semi auto analyzers - Statfax3000 plus & Statfax3300.
  • ELISA readers and washers - Statfax series.


This range covers the spectrum of substrates, enzymes, minerals and special protein assays. We offer products manufactured by Jeev Diagnostics and Aptec. The focus is on top quality which covers excellent stability, very good linearity, superior sensitivity and shortest turnaround time. The reagents are designed to accommodate sample to reagent ratios to suit all popular chemistry systems. CPC's products are readily available through a widespread network of distributors.