YHLO Vision Pro ESR Analyzer


What is Vision Pro ESR Machine?

Vision pro is a fully automated ESR Analyzer which has high correlation with Westergren method. It directly measures the intensity of the red cell aggregation which is responsible for Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR). ESR is the measure of ability of erythrocytes (red blood cell) to fall through the blood plasma and accumulate together at the base of container in one hour.


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YHLO Automated ESR Analyzer

Westergren Method

This is a widely used technique for measuring ESR. It involves mixing blood with an anticoagulant and putting the mixture in a thin, tall vertical tube, usually 200 mm wide. The distance that blood cells travel in millimeters per hour (mm/hr) is used to measure the rate at which they settle.

This technique is more common and is considered the best standard for ESR measurement.

Benefits of the Vision Pro ESR Analyzer

  • Precision in ESR Measurement: Vision Pro ensures accurate and reliable ESR (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate) measurement for precise diagnostic information.
  • Efficient Workflow: Streamlined processes enhance laboratory efficiency, allowing for quick and seamless ESR analysis.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive interface simplifies operation, reducing the learning curve for laboratory technicians.
  • Quality Results: Vision Pro delivers high-quality results, contributing to improved patient diagnostics and care.

Advantages of ESR Analyzer

  • Rapid Evaluation: The ESR analyzer offers a speedy and uncomplicated approach to assessing the body's inflammatory response. Healthcare professionals can gather valuable information without intricate procedures, ensuring a quick evaluation.
  • Noninvasive Procedure: Requiring only a simple blood sample, the ESR analyzer adopts a noninvasive testing approach. This proves advantageous, especially for patients who prefer less intrusive diagnostic methods.
  • Indirect Diagnostic Aid: Functioning as an indirect diagnostic tool, the ESR analyzer provides insights into potential underlying inflammatory conditions. This assists healthcare professionals in further exploration and diagnosis of the root causes of inflammation.


• Test results in 20 mins.
• 5ml sample volume.
• No Disposables.
• Works off with Primary EDTA tubes.
• 3 phase ESR Curve.
• Quick Infra Red scanning
• Dynamic sedimentation curve available
• Internal barcode reader and thermal printer
• Bidirectional LIS

Technical Specification

   Test Speed 20min/cycle
   Model types 8 /16 / 32 sample positions
   Mode Cycle & Random
   Sample Volume 1.5ml - 3.5ml
   Display  7 inch LCD Touch screen
   Barcode reader Internal Barcode reader
   Printer Built-in thermal printer
   LIS Bidirectional connection
   ESR Dynamic curve yes
   Test Tube requirement EDTA tube with a diameter of 12 / 13mm