TK. Prasanth

TK Prasanth is a veteran in the field of diagnostics with more than 25 years with experience , predominantly in the IVD industry. Having worked in different capacities across India, he understands the intricacies and requirements of the different markets. With in – depth knowledge and expertise in Instrumentation , Hematology and Channel Partner Management , he has facilitated CPC’s foray into many different countries. Currently working out of Chennai, Mr.Prasanth is Vice President- New Business Development and Exports .


V. Gopinathan

With more than two decades experience in the diagnostic industry ,Mr.Gopinathan has acquired significant “know-how” of how the industry functions. With domain knowledge in niche areas such Analytical & Preanalytical automation, he is a valuable asset to the organisation. He has successfully developed and implemented crucial marketing strategies and continues to play an active role in training and development. Currently based in Chennai, Gopinathan is Vice President - Key Accounts and Customer Support


MK. Satheesh Babu

Mr.Satheesh Babu brings to the table a wealth of experience acquired over several years of working exclusively in the diagnostic industry. He has worn many hats in sales and marketing and has remarkable acumen in scouting for new products to cater to the divergent Indian market.A keen learner, he is a power-house of knowledge in the clinical chemistry segment. Currently based in Chennai, Satheesh Babu is Vice President – Sales and Knowledge management.


C. Suresh

Mr.Suresh Chandrasekharan comes with rich and versatile experience in the healthcare Industry . He has travelled around the world identifying cutting- edge technology products to market and promote. Having acquired valuable skills in both sales and marketing, he has created winning teams and launched various successful brands.Being an avid reader and also a writer, Mr.Suresh has co-authored a hand book for autoimmun disease testing. Mr.Suresh based in Bangalore is Vice President – Sales and Knowledge management.


V. Ramesh

V.Ramesh has completed more than 20 years in the company. By creating a sturdy set of checks and balances and by adopting sound financial practices has kept the company’s balance sheet healthy , year on year. Through strict adherance to statutory requirements , he has helped the company acquire a sound and respectable reputation. As Vice – President Finance and IT services he heads a knowledgeable team of Finance & IT professionals.