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An Introduction to a Fully Automated Immunoassay Analyzer

An introduction to a fully automated immunoassay (IA) analyzer. A detailed description of how the machine works, including how it’s controlled and automated.

An immunoassay analyzer is a laboratory instrument that automates an assay which can be performed manually. This is done using an automated platform and does not require any operator intervention during the analysis of each sample.

As the word “analyzer” suggests, fully automated assays or immunoassays use automation to separate and analyze the components of a test sample. This type of analyzer looks and acts like an immunoassay chromatography instrument, with extremely high-speed electrophoresis.

Fully Automated Immunoassay Analyzer

An Immunoassay analyzer (IA) is a test for the presence of specific antibodies in samples of human blood or other body fluids. When done properly, immunoassays are extremely sensitive and specific. An IA can detect hundreds or even thousands of different antibodies in a single sample, compared to an ELISA that contains only a few hundred antigens. With modern IA technology, it is now possible (using commercially-available instrumentation) to detect analytes (substances of interest) from a variety of specimens as small as a few micrometers using only single cells and/or very few samples.

The application of immunoassays has evolved tremendously over the years. These tools have been instrumental in detecting the presence or absence of a specific substance within the body, or as in the case of ELISA and RIA, measuring levels of substances in biological fluids. The term “analyzer” is used to describe either a device or software that performs such an assay. Analyzers are used by many different industries because they help improve production and quality control while also reducing overall cost by reducing labor input.

An immunoassay is used to detect the presence of a specific analyte in a sample. Here we will discuss the unit operation of an assay and how it works.

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