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Biochemistry Analyzer: It's working principle, uses and price

Biochemistry Analyzer Working Principle

From routine checkups to complex diseases, there's a hidden force behind your diagnosis. Let's explore the world of biochemistry analyzers and learn how they work and empower doctors to make the best decisions for your health

What is a Biochemistry Analyzer?

Biochemistry analyzer/ clinical chemistry analyzer is the modern lab tool of high importance for both research and diagnostics in medicine. They evaluate samples such as blood, urine and cerebrospinal fluid to acquire vital health information which aids in diagnosing disease, monitoring treatment and making patient care decisions.

The working principle of the biochemistry analyzer

A biochemistry analyzer works by the principle of spectrophotometry, a phenomenon that identifies the reaction of a biological sample with certain reagents.

This analyzer operates in stages: sampling preparation, sample analysis, detection, and Data analysis.

1. In sample preparation, the sample undergoes centrifugation and reaction with required reagents.

2. Lastly, cuvettes containing reagents and enzymes are used to analyze the sample that produces forms of detectable signals.

3.Detection also involves the measurement of those signals and comparing them to a standard curve.

4. Lastly, data analysis formulates a report that describes analyte concentrations and reference levels.

The process enables reliable quantification of biochemical parameters and thus assists in making diagnoses of diseases and monitoring treatment. 

Uses of biochemistry analyzer

Biochemistry analyzers indeed display widespread usefulness within medical areas and facilities, facilitating doctors and practitioners in the treatment of diseases as well as the management of critical health problems.

These tools are widely used in referral laboratories to conduct various investigations, such as albumin concentration, fasting blood sugar levels, cholesterin, and so on. Interestingly, highly specialized types of biochemistry analyzers are applied in clinics for the analysis of antigen-antibody binding within biochemical reactions. Furthermore, advanced biochemistry analysers have become integral parts of the pharmaceutical sector, enabling the diagnosis of severe diseases.

However, beyond medical areas biochemistry analyzers play a key role in life science research which covers a range of investigations like cell metabolism, protein synthesis, genetics, and some clinical laboratories. Medical researchers use such analyzers in the exploration of the structure and functionality of a wide range of biomolecules inside cells; these biomolecules include lipids, enzymes, nucleic acids and many others.

The chemistry analyzers, as an applied medical device, play the principal role in medical research and pharmaceuticals, supporting drug findings, advancing clinical research, and providing the tools for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. In brief, they are the products for laboratory staff, physicians, and patients as well, and they are indispensable game-changers for modern healthcare practices and better outcomes for patients.

Biochemistry analyzer price in India

The pricing of Biochemistry analyzers in India can vary due to factors like the features, level of automation, and brand.

At CPC Diagnostics, we provide a range of analyzers to suit your needs, including semi-auto analyzer options like the Turbostat and Turbostat Plus, as well as fully automatic analyzer models such as the Turbochem Magna and Turbochem Prime.

Semi-Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer Price:

1. These are particularly developed for budget-constrained multi-purpose labs and private hospitals.

2. The prices start from around 65,000 rupees and go up to 8,50,000 rupees.

Fully Automated Biochemistry Analyzer Price:

1. These are the advanced instruments which are more efficient and perfect for large-scale hospitals and diagnostic centres.

2. Prices are a variable factor, depending on the specific division ranging from around 3,00,000 rupees to several lakhs.

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