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Early diagnosis of medical conditions helps in better prognosis and outcomes. This is certainly true for diseases that gradually worsen over time and debilitate the patient. Scientists are working round the clock to arrive at new diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities using cutting-edge research for diseases that range from Alzheimer’s to Diabetes.

Given below are a few such innovations that may play a critical role in improving the outcomes and may soon be available in the healthcare market.



A team of researchers have identified the link between progression of Alzheimer’s and deposits of metallic elements such as copper and iron in the brain tissues. The detection of the metallic deposits through MRI will aid in screening and assessing the disease risk among populations at high risk.


Revolutionary stem cell therapy has been initiated using stem cell derived allogeneic cells that could be used to treat type 1 diabetes. This is designed to accelerate the development of next-generation cell therapy products for various other diseases also.

Cancer and Autoimmune diseases:

Antibody treatment is already in use for treating some diseases, such as even Covid-19. Antibody cocktails are being developed for the treatment of patients diagnosed with cancer and serious autoimmune conditions.


The bacterial pathogen that causes Tuberculosis thrives on an essential sugar called Trehalose produced by the human body. Research is underway to find if inhibiting Trehalose production in humans can prevent Tuberculosis or obstruct the disease progression.


Over time, the malarial parasites become resistant to conventional therapy. New drugs are being developed that can optimize the treatment and kill the parasite by administering a single dose.

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