Jokoh EX-D Electrolyte Analyzer


• Measurement Parameter : Na,+ K,+ Cl-
• Measurement Sample : Whole Blood, Plasma, Serum, Diluted Urine
• Measurement Speed : 300 tests/hour
• Newly developed high sensitive electrode allows only one time calibration in a day to obtain
• very accurate result of C.V. ≤ 0.5%


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Jokoh electrolyte analyzer

  • Jokoh ex-d is high sensitivity electrolyte analyzer with auto-sampler(20 Samples)
  • EX-D electrolyte analyzer are used to measure sodium, potassium, and chloride in whole blood, serum, or plasma.
  • Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) and Flame Emission Photometry (FEP) are the two most popular analytical techniques. Majority of analyzers measure electrolyte using ISE technology.

Technical Specification

   Measurement items
Na+, K+and Cl- simultaneously measured
   Measurement range
Na+ 70.0~200.0 [mmol/L]
K+ 1.00~20.00 [mmol/L]
Cl- 70.0~200.0 [mmol/L]
Na+ 10.0~500.0 [mmol/L]
K+ 1.00~200.0 [mmol/L]
Cl- 10.0~550.0 [mmol/L]
   Adjusted dialysate
Na+ 130.0~150.0 [mmol/L]
K+ 1.00~3.00 [mmol/L]
Cl- 100.0~120.0 [mmol/L]
   Dialysate A
Na+ 100.0~120.0 [mmol/L]
K+ 1.00~3.00 [mmol/L]
Cl- 100.0~120.0 [mmol/L]
   Dialysate B
Na+ 20.0~40.0 [mmol/L]
   Measurement pH range
7.0~8.0 (no change in pH during measurement)
   Measurement principle
Ion Selective Electrode method
Na+ Crown ether solution membrane electrode
K+ Valinomycin solution membrane electrode
Cl- Grade-4 ammonium salt solution membrane electrode
   Measurement targets
Whole blood, serum, plasma, urine (to be diluted), adjusted dialysate,dialysate A, dialysate B
   Processing capacity
100 samples/hour (max.)
   Sample aspiration volume
95 [μL]
300 [μL] in “urine” mode
60 [μL] or more in small volume sample measurement
   Sample table
Routine measurement 20 samples
Urgent sample 1 sample