FluoroMAT 50


• FluoroMAT 50 is an automated Indirect Immunofluorescence slide processor
• Upto 50 samples can be processed in a single run or five different tests in a single batch
• Automated barcode reader and onboard dilution of samples increase the operational efficiency with reduced hands-on time
• Efficient washing methodology avoids background
• i-track connectivity for remote instrument monitoring and trouble-shooting


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FluoroMAT - 50 Automated Immunofluorescence Analyzer

  • A fully automated indirect immunofluorescence slide processor is designed to  process EUROIMMUN IIF tests with efficiency and reliability.
  • Automatic barcode scanners and sample probe offer a flexible solution for traceability and reliability.
  • Probe washing stations reduce the carry over and slide washing station improve the background clearance.
  • Features like automated sample dilution, incubation, slide washing and liquid level sensors enhance convenient operation. 

Technical Specification

   Sample System
   Sample Position Load upto 50 samples
Primary sample tubes can be loaded directly
   No. of Tests
5 different tests in a batch
   Reagent System
   Conjugate Position 4 numbers
   Control Position 13 numbers
   Pumps Vaccum Pump and PP Pump
   Syringe Module
   Sample & Reagent Volume Minimum 10 microlitres and maximum 500 microlitres with +/- 2 microlitres
   Operating Conditions
   Dimensions length-73.5 cm; depth-63.5 cm; height-53.5 cm
   Weight 55 kg
   Operating voltage 230 VAC, 50 Hz, 150 VA