iChroma 2 POCT Hormone Analyzer


• Fluorescence-based Lateral Flow Immunoassay.
• Random access for single and multiple test modes
• Multi Test mode & Multi-timer function
• QC mode – Ensures accurate & reliable results
• Portable POCT that incorporates a graphical QC monitoring among manual POCT analyzers.


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iChroma 2

  • ichroma™ II is a compact fully automatic hormone analyzer ,easy-to-use fluorescence-based POCT technology by Boditech POCT.
  • ichroma 2 is used to measure the presence of various biomarkers for cardiac, cancer, hormones, infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, and metabolic diseases. diseases, autoimmune diseases, and metabolic diseases.

Technical Specification

   Product Name
ichroma™ II
   Catalog No.
Fluorescence and Europium Nanoparticle Immunoassay
276 mm (W) X 220 mm (L) X 91 mm (H)
1.3 kg
   DC 12V/5 A
    Adaptor AC/DC Adaptor
   Input 100-240 V 50/60 Hz, 15 A
   Output DC 12 V/5A
   Battery DC 1.5 V x 4 ea
7-inch touch color LCD
Stepper Linear Actuators (5 V, 0.34 A)
   Communication ports
USB 4 ports, LAN Port, USB OTG port
   Operation temperature /humidity
   Temperature 15~35 °C
   Humidity 10-70% (Non-condensing)
   Storage temperature/ humidity
   Temperature  -20~50 °C
   Humidity 10-70% (Non-condensing)
LCD, Built-in Printer
   Saving test results
   Patient test 1,000 results
   System check test results 500 results
   Control materials test results 1,000 results