iFlash 1800

  • Bench Top CLIA analyser with High Throughput of up to 180 tests/hr.
  • Fastest First Result in 12 mins.
  • Continuous STAT Sample loading capacity with 50 sample positions.
  • Continuous Reagents loading capacity with 20 reagents positions.
  • Continuous loading of Reaction vessels with capacity of 1000 cuvettes.
  • Acridinium Ester Labeled Direct Chemiluminescence.
  • Ready to use reagents with 2 X 50 tests pack size,with inbuilt calibrators.

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iFlash 1800 Immunoassay Benchtop CLIA Analyser

iFlash 1800 is a fully automated benchtop CLIA analyzer which uses Magnetic particle based Direct Chemiluminescence technology for immunoassay analysis. It is designed for both quantitative and qualitative invitro assay determinations for a broad range of applications ( including Tumour, Cardiac, Thyroid markers, fertility/hormones and more). iFlash can perform up to 180 tests/ hour.

Key Features





1.Continuous loading of reagents with convenient pack size of 2 x 50 tests












2.Continous loading of 1000 reaction cuvettes for longer walkaway time.








3.4 step magnetic separation for achieving high precision and quality results









4.Non contact vortex mixer-Highly Efficient technology to prevent carryover & cross contamination.







Key Menu

  • iFlash has an extensive panel of  80+ reagent parameters
  • Some of the unique panel are
    • Infertility Panel
      • AMH,Inhibin A,Inhibin B
    • Diabetes panel
      • GADA,IAA,IA-2A,ICA,ZnT8a,Adiponectin
    • Tumor Markers
      • Free PSA,Total PSA,NSE,Cyfra 21-1,CA125
    • Liver Fibrosis
      • HA,PIIIPN-P,Col IV,Laminin

Additional information

General Information

Throughput : upto 180 tests/hour
Time to First Results :12 minutes
Detection Principle Magnetic particle Based Direct Chemiluminescence
Chemiluminescence Label :Acridinium Ester

Sample System

Sample Position :50 sample position
Types of Sample tube :Microcup & blood collecting tubes

Reagent System

Reagent Position :20 reagent positions with onboard refrigeration
Reagent Pack : 2 x 50 tests

Operating Conditions

Power Supply :100~240V, 50/60HZ
Power Consumption :1000VA
Temperature :10~30°C
Weight :150 Kg