• Plug & play : More than 25 Euroline assays preloaded in different groups
• Performs 4 immunoblot strips in a single run
• Different profiles can be run in one go either in batch mode or as a single test – Reduces TAT
• Automatic probe washing and liquid level sensors
• No additional reagent required, no hidden cost
• i-track connectivity for remote instrument monitoring and trouble-shooting


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PLEXMAT - 4 Semi Automatic Immunoassay Analyzer

  • A fully automated immunoblot processor is designed to process Euroline immunoblot tests with efficiency and reliability
  • Four reagent channels allow the combination of tests from the areas of autoimmune diagnostics in one run.
  • Features like automated sample dilution, incubation, probe washing and liquid level sensors enhance convenient operation.
  • The walkaway instrument comes with user-friendly software, specially designed for small to mid-sized labs, Hospital laboratories, or satellite labs or chain diagnostic labs in the country.

Technical Specification

   Input power supply 
230V AC (+/- 10%), 50Hz.
   Power consumption 
200 VA.
Display with VGA port.
Wide screen display.
   Display resolution 
1280×1024 pixels.
USB type.
USB type.
Make: Canon.
LiDE 110/300.
   Number of PP pumps 
2 Nos.
   Syringe Module 2.5 mL 
1 No.
   Rocking speed 
35 Cycles/Minute (+/- 2).
   Rocking angle 
10° (+/- 1°).
   Number of stored assays 
26 Nos.
   Number of strips in one assay 
1 to 4 Nos.
53cm (W)x45cm (D)x39cm (H)