Sprinter XL


• Fully automated processing of immunofluorescence tests and ELISA on one device
• Flexibility owing to individual adjustments to different laboratory requirements and tests
• Outstanding performance due to four washable pipetting needles, two independent robot arms, and optimal workflow calculation
• Reliability and traceability enabled by automatic identification of the barcodes on patient samples and slides
• Convenient and safe operation of the user-friendly graphical interface and
• low-maintenance hardware
• Simplification of work processes in routine laboratories due to user-friendly data communication with an LIS or EUROLabOffice
• Variable instrument configuration for different laboratory requirements with up 160 or 240 samples and up to 30 slides or six microtiter plates in one run


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Sprinter XL - Fully automated IIFT slide processor

  • A fully automated indirect immunofluorescence and ELISA  test  processor is designed to  process EUROIMMUN IIF and ELISA tests with efficiency and reliability.
  • Automatic barcode scanners and sample probe offer a flexible solution for traceability and reliability.
  • The system identifies and dilutes samples, performs all incubation and washing steps, and reads ELISA microplates by means of an integrated reader.
  • The walkaway instrument comes with user-friendly software, especially crafted for Hospital labs, or corporate diagnostic labs in the country.

Technical Specification

   Sample capacity
   160 configuration  up to 160 samples ( outer diameter 10 – 16 mm )
   240 configuration up to 240 samples (outer diameter 10 – 16 mm)
   Barcode recognition
Automatic for sample tubes, optional for slides
   Test capacity
30 slides or 6 ELISA plates, resp. (depending on the instrument configuration)
   Reagent Positions
   160 configuration 64 calibrators/controls, 6 sample buffers, 20 secondary reagents
   240 configuration  49 calibrators/controls, 9 sample buffers, 12 secondary reagents
   Dilution positions
e.g. 162 screening dilutions (depending on the instrument configuration)
192 titer dilutions (depending on the instrument configuration)
   Incubator unit
 up to 4 heatable positions for RT+5 °C to 37 °C
   Power supply
110 – 240 V, 500 VA, 50 / 60 Hz
   Pipetting unit
   Needle system 4 washable needles with capacitive liquid level detection
   Volume  5 – 1000 μl, in steps of 1μl
   Accuracy  VC < 6 % (< 5 μl); < 5 % (> 5 μl)